The Affordability of Hiring a VA

As we find ourselves living in a more costly world, businesses are inevitably looking at ways to save money…

… but it’s the way in which you make cuts which is important for the future of your brand.

Let’s look at some key facts when considering the affordability of hiring a VA:

⚪ Hiring a Virtual Assistant on a freelance basis is by far a more cost effective option than taking someone on in-house. You don’t incur overhead costs or onboarding fees and will only pay for the hours you actually need.

⚪ Outsourcing tasks to a VA is more financially beneficial to your business than you doing the jobs yourself. Try to put a value on your time and where your energy is best spent, whether this be building new relationships with partners, or spending more time with your team. Don’t think you can do it all, because you can’t.

⚪ We offer two options when it comes to hiring us for our services. You can pay as you go, whereby we record our time spent, or you can pay for a monthly retainer. The latter may seem like a more costly option, but it often works out more affordable as you are guaranteed our time throughout the day; you are paying for reliability.

To summarise, you get what you pay for. Sounds appealing right?!

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