This weekend marks change for us all.

As the clocks have gone back, we will see change in the way we sleep, in our mood, with work and with those around us.

For some these changes are embraced with open arms, but for others, it can be a gradual process of adjustment – life can begin to slow down and productivity can dip.

Here are some tips on how to not let the change in season affect your energy levels and your relationship with work:

⚪ Aim to relax and recharge in the evenings. Small actions such as leaving a to-do list for the morning or turning your phone off after a certain time will help to keep distraction to a minimum, making it easier for your mind to totally shut off and recharge for the day ahead.

⚪ Make sure to get out and about for some lunchtime fresh air each day. With the mornings now being much darker, it’s vital that we expose ourselves to as much natural light exposure as possible. This will keep our vitamin D levels up, contributing to our energy resources.

⚪ Avoid central heating for as long as possible. Whether you work at home or in an office, sitting in an overly hot room will result in you feeling sluggish, dehydrated and eventually irritable. It’s proven that the human brain performs better in a cooler environment, so open your window and pop on an extra layer for optimum productivity.

⚪ Revisit your routine. This time of year marks the perfect time to look at your daily routine and see if any changes can be made to enhance your performance levels. Are you eating well? Are you making time for yourself? Do you feel constantly overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list? If so, outsource!

Here at MV, our team of VAs are here to help across a multitude of professional and personal channels. Whatever you need help with, we have got you covered.

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