It’s All About The Journey

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It’s 7th January and we’ve all heard the term ‘new year, new you’ or ‘new year, new goals’ a million times.

For most of us however it will be a case of ‘new year, same goals’. Often as business owners our vision doesn’t change, it just becomes more defined and stronger with each year.

This strength comes from the process; the journey.

The truth is, no one gets ahead by focusing on your end destination. As we all know, the path we follow is what defines both as individuals and as a business.

Here are a few tips to starting a new year with realistic hopes and visions:

⚪ Find a mentor – this person is someone who inspires you. You see similarities to what they have achieved and can imagine yourself on a similar path. Check in with them regularly and help them to guide you through the hurdles or obstacles which life sends your way.

⚪ Write down what makes you happy – sounds cliché but reflect on these points and disregard anything that brings you unhappiness. The same goes for the people you surround yourself with; positive people bring with them a positive impact on your life.

⚪ Look at what’s holding you back and action it – is it your working environment? Do you have too much distraction? Swamped in administration? Struggle to keep a functioning diary? Whatever it is that slows your motivation down, isolate the issue, pass it onto someone else and move forward.

⚪ Finally, celebrate your wins – however small, share them with people, your team, your friends. This will boost your morale and propel you into your next project with optimism and drive. This gets you further along your path to happiness.

It’s all in the journey, not the destination.

Need some help in business strategy this year? Or perhaps you are looking for that someone to support to and remove the tasks you don’t enjoy. We would love to hear from you!

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