Hire a VA and Never Look Back

Are you recruiting and having very little luck?

The market for finding the right applicants, for the right role, is incredibly tough at the moment.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the perfect approach to recruiting, and here’s why:

⚪ You aren’t hiring someone to be the right fit, you’re hiring someone to tackle what needs to actioned right away. Often when we write a job description we isolate the general tasks and we think too far ahead, highlighting issues can’t be completed until other projects are tackled. Hiring a VA makes you stop and think about what’s an immediate priority for your business.

⚪ The working set up of a VA enables them to dive deep into your brand or business from the get-go, so very little time is wasted with an onboarding process. We are experienced in various platforms and softwares, so get to work straight away on the tasks you need help with the most.

⚪ Quite quickly you will see that your VA will start to think for you and your brand. This relationship will strengthen over a very short time and soon you will begin to rely on them for jobs, however big or small. This trusting working relationship will become something you can’t live without.

⚪ Finally, we are flexible. Our hourly and retainer packages allow you to commit to what you feel is right for that current time or stage of your business. This can be changed accordingly, dependant on the workload or commitments which evolve. Essentially, you get what you pay for, in a reliable and efficient manner.

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