Don’t Lose Perspective

When we are busy, it’s easy to lose control of our perspective.

Time can feel like it’s running away from us and soon you are left feeling overwhelmed, distressed, and you can misplace your focus.

Here are some tips for keeping hold of your perspective:

⚪ Each week set yourself some intentions you aim to keep. These don’t have to be huge goals; something as simple as writing a to-do list and the reasons why you want to achieve these items. This will re-energise your mind and make you feel empowered.

⚪ If you feel like you often make brash and quick decisions, perhaps because you feel under pressure, try to slow down and take the time to reflect on what it is you want out of each opportunity. Saying yes to everything isn’t the answer. Be selective.

⚪ Be realistic about your daily capacity. Does your diary always look jam packed? Try to avoid booking in every hour of the day with a work related topic. Isolate some time for yourself, to get some headspace, exercise or meet a friend for coffee.

Finally – do you think you would struggle to do any of the above yourself?! If so you need US!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the answer for easily distracted and busy individuals. We can help you feel organised, respond to awkward invitations you don’t want to commit to, help you to feel on top of your work load and even be that listening ear for feedback about an up-and-coming project.

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