We’ve all been there, checking emails on holiday, taking work calls on the weekend and working late on your phone most evenings.

Setting boundaries for yourself can be incredibly difficult. It’s a change in habit and often habits can be incredibly stubborn to shift!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be one of the first positive changes in helping to set yourself boundaries, effectively dividing work and life time so that they don’t collide.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

⚪ We manage your diary and calendar, meaning we action all of those niggling emails you don’t have time to respond to.

⚪ We manage your social media accounts, so you can mute your notifications and check in on your platforms once or twice a week, knowing that it remains active and relevant, but doesn’t act as a distraction to you on the daily.

⚪ We structure your day so that it doesn’t become too full, carving you time to see friends and family, and allowing you to comfortably disconnect from work when you should be.

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